Respect has no color boundary

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By LaKeshia Sauls

UMHB is a lot of good things to a lot of good people. From motivating within, to the outreach that spreads beyond the campus, students of all races and ethnic backgrounds can come together for God’s purpose.

Despite the ministry messages and mission trips that UMHB students participate in, despite the cities, states and countries they vow to reach
out to, there are some who feel the dagger behind the smiles. At times the whispers are heard as if they were screams.

In the black community, the pride and joy of finally seeing an intelligent, educated man with a face of color gracing the White House is often overshadowed in a land (or on a campus) where Obama is loathed.

As change comes, (especially one that has been set in motion for so long) so do the thoughts, actions and words people express.

Politics are shaky; the beliefs of the Democratic and Republican parties are semi-permanent, and unfortunately, racism seems to be here to stay.

What some forget is that the two parties are not segregated by color of one’s skin, but by individualistic goals for the world we live in.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful idea but when one says, “that man,” instead of the given title of “President Obama,” “The President,” or even his name given at birth, Obama, there is no doubt the dislike for the current leader is deeper than just his win over McCain.

President Obama is put down for the speeches he makes, the plans he carves out, the future he speaks of, and even his name; his wife is ridiculed for being tall, well versed, intelligent and wearing clothes made in her size.

It has to be said. Not everything that comes out of the brown faced, Harvard graduate man’s mouth is agreed upon in the community that cried for their ancestors when he claimed his new territory. No, not everything is believed.
Not everything is solved. But just as with other presidents in the past, Americans should give him a chance.

Ultimately we don’t have a choice, unless he harbors a scandal as with the Nixon administration or has his own personal dishonor like President Bill Clinton.

So, before he is ridiculed for receiving the nomination of president, or winning the Noble Peace Prize, look at the majority who voted for him instead of wishing him only to be forever just a minority.

Author: The Bells Staff

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