Final season for Lost

After months of anticipation, Lost has returned for the last time, bringing viewers to ask more questions about how the show will end. The sixth

season, which was supposed to be flooded with answers, has done little to accomplish that expectation.

A show about time traveling, highly advanced mathematics, parallel universes and complicated relationships naturally comes with confusion, but the lack of answers in the first episode of the final season was disappointing. A few revelations were made, though, which have been long awaited.

The once and still dead John Locke as the embodiment of the Smoke Monster brought his character into major play, which has been a long-time build up since the first season.

With this key information, the small insights into Locke’s life further confuse viewers as they wrestle with which universe and story is real.

The island is shown at the bottom of the sea while following the airplane

Michael Emerson stars as Benjamin Linus in ABC’s Lost

Michael Emerson stars as Benjamin Linus in ABC’s Lost

story, which supports Juliet’s claim from the grave that “It worked.”

This would make sense that the island simply sank and could do no more to crash planes and change lives except that half of the time the stories of the characters are being lived out on that same island.

The main conflicts of the show take place on the restless island, compared to the rather peaceful plane ride and post-flight world of the characters.

Smoke Monster Locke convinces Ben to kill Jacob. Ben’s leadership has completely diminished and he now follows the orders of evil Locke against the godlike Jacob, who has always reigned supreme before.

With Jacob dead and gone, the good force shifts to the location of the Temple where Hurley, Kate, Jin and Jack bring Sayid to be healed. In their attempts to heal him, the Temple people actually drown Sayid, but he overcomes death and wakes at the last minute.

It is clear that the war is now in motion between Locke and the previously Jacob-led Temple people. Some of the main characters of the show seem to be simple bystanders in the beginnings of this war, but they are being further developed in the parallel world of the plane.

Richard is on the side of Locke, along with Ben. This continues the ongoing tension between Locke and Jack, even though no one is looking to Jack for leadership. Jack and his crew are in the Temple with The Others, and eventually Miles and Sawyer join them.

In the peaceful airport world, Jack and Locke have a friendly conversation as
both are hoping to find something that’s missing. Jack’s father’s coffin has been misplaced, which might explain how Christian has previously shown up alive on the island and hints at his future importance in the plot.

The presence of previously dead characters on the plane and after the flight seems to suggest that Lost isn’t done with them yet.

The main question concerning them now is will they show up alive on the island again or simply be so in the parallel universe? Perhaps the most confusing and celebrated characters present on the plane are Desmond and Charlie.

With so many different story lines playing out at once, the first episode of season six sets up a complicated plot with many questions to answer. Lost fans have an intriguing few months of episodes ahead of them as the story will finally be fleshed out and brought to an end.

Author: Brittany Montgomery

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