Behind the Stall Street

When students walk into the public bathrooms on campus, they’re most
likely not alone. The Stall Street Journal is posted on the inside of nearly every restroom stall and offers information on what’s going on around UMHB, as well as tips on healthy living.

It began in 1997 and has been educating unsuspecting bathroom users ever since. But who’s the creator behind this cleverly named newsletter? Who comes up with these enlightening articles?

Many people think it’s the Campus Activities Board, but it’s actually the Student Life Division. Director of Counseling, Testing and Health Services,
Nate Williams said, “We figured we had a captive audience in potty stalls.”

He works with a team of contributing editors that include Donna Plank, Sue
Weaver and Kristy Brischke. Together they write and find relevant articles to
include in the monthly publication.

Coordinator of Health Services Debbie Rosenberger, another contributor,

Sophomore marketing major Trevor Shoppach makes use of his spare time by reading the lastest publication of the Stall Street Journal located in a restroom

Sophomore marketing major Trevor Shoppach makes use of his spare time by reading the lastest publication of the Stall Street Journal located in a restroom. Photo by Joseph Warren

said, “It varies from month to month, but the whole purpose is to give information so that (students) can make healthy lifestyle choices or changes, and to give tips to make the college experience better.”

This month the Stall Street Journal is titled “Learn to Love Who You Are”, and
it’s dedicated to eating disorders and body image. However, they tackle a variety of topics that are geared toward the student body, such as the importance of sleep, dealing with stress and even suicide.

Rosenberger said, “We try to see what’s going on around here. Last year we had something scheduled, but because of the pandemic and swine flu, we focused on that because that’s what students were going to want to know.”

The Stall Street Journal has become so successful that it has been picked up
by several other school districts. Belton, Salado and Academy ISD are just a few of the regions displaying the newsletter. According to Williams, people
visiting from off campus would read it, and decide that it was something they wanted in their business lavatories.

Of course, Williams and his team are happy to provide a copy for any business interested in the school’s bathroom literature, but they make a few alterations.

“We have an external version where we have the same basic articles, but instead of advertising Mayborn hours, we make a useful tip for a community resource, and on the very bottom we put recruiting information to plug the university,” Williams said.

Sophomore cell biology major Hillary Halderman said, “I love the Stall Street
Journal. I go to the bathroom a lot so it’s nice to have something to read. My
favorites are the ones that deal with health and fitness because I like to work out and eat healthy.”

Author: Joseph Warren

Joseph is a senior communication major from Humble, Texas, as well as the assistant sports editor. He took a year off from Cru soccer, but he is back with the team to play his final year. He is a big music lover who is always up for a good, live show.

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