Beall burglarized

By Emily Keahey

For the roommates of flat 274 in Beall, coming back from Christmas
break held an unwanted surprise. When they walked in, many of their
belonging were scattered on the floor.

Initially, they thought that the last person to leave their flat had not cleaned before he left, but as they walked throughout the rooms, they noticed belongings were missing.

Unfortunately, the students were victims of a burglary. The list of stolen items includes two televisions, a printer, and a pair of shoes, among many other personal belongings.

Freshman sports management major Drew Maulsby said, “It was definitely an eye-opener; it is better to take everything (home) instead of taking the risk

Graphic by Tim Lytle

Graphic by Tim Lytle

of it being stolen.”

Although the burglary happened on campus, according to the housing license agreement form students sign before they move in, the university will not be held responsible for the stolen goods. Therefore, the students will have to pay to replace the items out of their own pockets.

Although they are not sure when it happened, the students speculate that the thieves came in through a window because they are certain that they locked the doors before leaving for Christmas break.

Sophomore exercise and sports science major Josh Reese even suggests that, “it would … be a good idea to get some security cameras in the back of Beall near the windows.”

Even though several weeks have passed since the incident was reported,
police have not yet found out who theperpetrator was and still consider it an open case.

Steps have been taken to find the stolen items. University police recovered evidence from the scene, looked at security cameras and spoke to Beall residents. They wrote down items’ serial numbers and are trying to track them, but there has been little luck so far.

Fortunately, burglaries are not very common on campus, and there has not been one of this magnitude in several years. In fact, most crimes have decreased in recent years.

To help students keep their belongings safe Gary Sargent, director of Campus Police, said, “I would advise students to take their valuables home with them, especially things that are easily removed. Also, make sure that your residence halls are properly locked before you leave, including your windows and doors.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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