Residence halls to host a flurry of a fair

By Sarah Sattelberg

Those who long for activities that are often found in colder parts of the country will have the cold brought to them. A wide array of winter themed sports, games, activities, food and drinks will be available at the Winter Fair on the Square Jan. 28 at 5 p.m. at Luther Memorial.

The resident directors and resident assistants of Burt and McLane Hall are putting on an evening of events.

Resident Assistant Dallas Flippin said the organizers wanted to do something different for a winter event, without focusing it on the holidays.

“We were supposed to plan an event in January, and we decided it would be fun to have a winter themed event that didn’t have to do with Christmas.”

Sports will include street hockey, curling and Wii skiing. Curling is a sport held during the winter Olympics and is somewhat like the ice version of bowling minus the pins.

A team pushes a large granite disk down an ice lane to try and position it on a triangle at the end of the lane. While the disk is moving down the lane, two other team members sweep the ice in front of the moving disk to aid in the positioning.

Campus is not equipped with curling lanes, but the dorms have built some out of plywood and laminate tiles. The disks will be made from frozen water balloons.

Flippin believes the dorms have done a good job of providing a variety of events.

“There is something for everyone,” he said. “We hope that off – campus students will want to attend as well and that this event can build community with them.”

The polar bear challenge is another planned event. The point of the game is to retrieve the highest number of a specifically colored golf ball out of a kiddy pool filled with ice water in a given amount of time.

Also, students who do not get their fill of water during the polar bear challenge may find the water balloon fight — the Texas alternative to a snowball fight — an enjoyable experience.

For those who prefer more creative winter – inspired activities, ice sculpting and food decorating will be available.

To ward off the feel of winter’s chills, students can enjoy hot soup, cocoa and apple cider.

Participants can also relax and ease their stress by taking a ride in a horse – drawn carriage. Milo Johnson, a local carriage business owner, who normally
does weddings and parades, will give rides around campus.

Resident Director of McLane Hall, Wendi Fitzwater, is eager for the event and expects it to be a success.

“I am excited to see all the creativity of the McLane and Burt RAs,” she said. “They have worked really hard on this program and each booth has been designed to include different strengths of our staff.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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