New series, Life Unexpected, wows fans

It’s about time a show came out that’s worth an hour every week.

Life Unexpected is the best show since Gilmore Girls, and it’s no surprise critics have compared it to the unique relationship between Lorelai, Rory and Chris and the teenage love drama in the independent film, Juno. For those
who have been searching for a show to be a die-hard fan of, this may just be it.

The pilot is catchy and the characters are inviting — viewers feel like they’ve
known them since going to high school with them. The dialogue combines comedy, drama and emotion, and the relationship between the main characters is priceless.

The show is about a 15-year-old girl named Lux — played by Britt Robertson
— who is tossed from foster home to foster home and is searching for

In the CW show, Life Unexpected, actresses Shiri Appleby as Cate and Britt Robertson as Lux share a heart-to-heart conversation.

In the CW show, Life Unexpected, actresses Shiri Appleby as Cate and Britt Robertson as Lux share a heart-to-heart conversation.


Locating her parents so they can sign her emancipation documents, Lux finds her plan destroyed. The court dismisses her request and gives joint custody to her irresponsible father, Nate, played by Kristoffer Polaha, and her cynical mother, Cate Cassidy, played by Shiri Appleby.

Unsurprisingly, the biological parents’ discovery of their daughter comes at a bad time.

Nate is a bar owner who has no plans of growing up any time soon, and Cate is a successful radio talk-show host who just got engaged.

But Cate realizes she can’t keep running from important relationships and invites Lux into her home.

However, it’s not that easy. Though Cate and Nate hadn’t seen each other in the 15 years prior to Lux’s news, the high school partners’ juvenile attraction never graduated or moved on.

It’s easy to see by the way they look at each other, they still have feelings for each other — which could pose as a problem for Cate’s fiancé
and coworker Ryan Thomas, a sweet, gentle guy who’s willing to help take care of Lux.

The relationship between the biological family of Cate, Nate and Lux is classic and easy to dive into beginning with the pilot episode.

Life Unexpected is a cute show and is a good portrayal of a real-life situation without the corny soap-opera drama or the melodramatic teenage
edge like the ones that come on Noggin.

The show, which comes on at 8 p.m. Mondays on the CW, deserves 4 out of 5 bells and is a season must-watch.

Author: Crystal Donahue

A senior from Lago Vista, Texas, Crystal enjoys hanging out at the lake with friends, eating ice-pops, having conversations over hot chocolate with marshmallows, going on random road-trips and watching Gilmore Girls with her mom. She is double majoring in mass communication/journalism and Spanish. Post graduation, Crystal plans on getting her master's and working abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Having served in various positions on The Bells, Crystal is now the editor-in-chief. She enjoys feature and sports writing.

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