Finding time for fitness

By Nicci Krause

Working out is important to students. Whether they do it to stay in shape, to
relieve stress, or to stay healthy for the future, they are going to the campus gym on their own to work out.

“I know in the long run, it will benefit me to stay healthy,” sophomore athletic training major Kathryn Embersics said.

She keeps the future in mind.

“It is especially important to work out in our society today since there is an increased rate of heart disease.”

Most students agree that exercising is important and go as often as they

Santa (Pancho Gutierrez) does cardio exercise to prepare for Christmas

Santa (Pancho Gutierrez) does cardio exercise to prepare for Christmas. Photo by Evan Duncan


Freshman chemistry major Sasha Maples and athletic training major Keishla Maldonado said they usually make it to the gym about two times a week.

“I go whenever I can,” Maldonado said. “I haven’t been able to go lately, though, because I’ve been so busy with training and classes.”

She, Maples and Embersics all enjoy running and spend most of their exercise time doing that. Depending on how she feels, Maldonado will either run inside the gym on a treadmill, or outside, around the school. If there’s time, shewill follow her run with a quick abdominal workout.

Maples and Embersics both run outside. Embersics enjoys running in the
park behind the apartments near campus and will occasionally lift weights in her room.

Maples said she even goes running at night sometimes.

“I like going on midnight runs around the campus.”

Sports management major Doug Peak said he goes to the gym about four
times a week.

“It depends on the day, but I do weights, cardio and I go to the classes
offered at the gym.”

He has been to Cru Crunch and Turbo Kick and has enjoyed both of them.

“I like Jessie (the instructor) because she’s really funny,” Peak said.

He said she makes the classes fun to attend.

Maldonado agrees that the classes offered at the gym are fun. She has been to Cru Crunch a few times but hasn’t been able to go as often as she’d like because of her busy schedule.

Both Maldonado and Embersics are athletic trainers. They have to go to different sport practices and be there about an hour and a half to two hours early and stay late for every practice.

They said that their hectic schedules interfere with their exercise times. However, they try to make time to work out a couple of times per week. They know and understand how important it is to stay healthy.

Especially with the fast, greasy food most students eat, exercise is particularly important.

Embersics said she doesn’t always get to eat the healthiest food, so she tries
to make up for it.

“I try really hard to work out because I know that greasy fast food is so easily available to me, and I don’t always get what I need.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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