Living the American dream

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By Marisol Escobar

Immigration is a highly debated topic. Many U.S. citizens strongly oppose any reform to legalize immigrant status. In a time like this, it’s extremely intimidating to express that you are for immigrant rights without being scorned by others.

As the daughter of immigrants, I’m truly grateful for immigrant amnesty. The reform was passed in 1986 when I was just a baby. Thanks to
former President Ronald Reagan, my parents were able to become legal residents.

I cannot imagine them living with fear and little rights. They now live a life of peace and freedom.

My parents are hard working people. They did not even finish middle school, but taught me things far more valuable than what you learn in school. Everything that was given to me was with their love and dedication. They worked from the bottom and moved their way up.

They never asked the government for help when they were illegal immigrants. They never went to the doctor or asked for food stamps. Their
outlook on life was to do things with honesty.

My mother even put her life at risk to live a better life. She was robbed at gun point while trying to make it to the U.S. Their path to the American dream wasn’t easy; they overcame many obstacles.

Growing up we would take trips to Mexico. Every Christmas we would travel 18 hours by vehicle. About 10 hours into the trip, we would always pass through the state of San Luis Potosi. One of my most vivid memories as a child was seeing children and women along the side of the road begging for food, money and clothes.

We would stop along the road and give them what we could. As my sisters and I got back into the car, my parents would remind us how fortunate
we were.

My last trip to Mexico was about two years ago, and we passed through the same state. I saw a woman running with a baby in her arms because a car had stopped to give her help. My heart sank. I immediately became overwhelmed with tears in my eyes. I could not imagine living a life of poverty and desperation.

Until you have walked in other people’s shoes, it is hard to even begin to imagine what they truly go through.

The problem with Mexico is their government. For many years the citizens dealt with a dishonest government. There has been an influx of illegal immigrants in recent years. In order for that to stop, the government needs to fix its system. They should create more jobs and make it a stable country to live in.

America is the door many immigrants open to have a better life. This country gives opportunities to individuals to achieve their goals. Thanks to my parents, I will be the first to graduate college in our family. Everyone has an opinion about this topic whether it’s good or bad. But my family is living the American dream.

Author: The Bells Staff

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