Flesh-craving zombies invade Earth

By Tiffany Hoover

Zombieland is horror comedy at its best. It takes place after a zombie plague has become global, leaving most people dead and many infected. In this apocalyptic wasteland, it is hunt or be hunted.

The film’s main focus is a teenager played by Jesse Eisenburg. The young man explains bits of his life to the audience – he is a loner, he is an average nerd, how he has survived so long, where he is headed.

He claims to have survived for so long because he adheres to a set of rules he makes up as he goes, such as “check the back seat” and “beware of bathrooms.”

On his way from his university in Austin, Texas, to his home in Columbus,

Jesse Eisenberg, left, stars in Columbia Pictures’ comedy, Zombieland.

Jesse Eisenberg, left, stars in Columbia Pictures’ comedy, Zombieland.

Ohio, one of his encounters with the infected leaves him without transportation.

Not too long after, he is picked up by a man in an SUV, played by Woody Harrelson.

The man does not want to get too personal, and decides to refer to the boy as Columbus. Harrelson’s character is headed to Tallahassee, and as the two try to avoid getting too close, they come to know one another by their destinations.

Columbus and Tallahassee serve as foils to one another. Columbus is scared of everything and has several strange phobias, including clowns. Tallahassee is scared of nothing and is driven by something unknown to kill as many zombies as possible, all while searching everywhere for any remaining Twinkies.

After the pair begins to grow on one another, they decide to stick together. Eventually, they meet up with two more survivors who are dubbed Little Rock and Wichita, played by Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone.

The two claim to be sisters headed to California, and after cheating Columbus and Tallahassee a few times, the four decide to head to California together.

While the film is full of hilarity and contains pop culture references galore, it also has more than its fair share of zombie head-bashing gore. There are several action-packed sequences in which hoards of zombies are dealt with, including a final showdown in a California theme park.

The cast is superb. Though the story is science fiction, the cast makes the characters real and quite believable. The characters have diverse backgrounds, but come together and grow as they fight to survive vicious zombie attacks.

Zombieland has a little bit of everything, yet it does not disappoint. is uproariously funny much of the time, there are action-packed sequences, some creepy scenes featuring the undead, and, yes, a touch of romance.

Zombieland is rated R for violence, gore, language and contains some drug use.

Author: The Bells Staff

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