College life: students sleep, study, exorcise

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A resident assistant and ministry student at Berry College in Georgia was fired last month for performing an exorcism on a fellow student. Yes, exorcism. The dean of students told the local school paper that a college campus is not an appropriate place for an exorcism.

As an RA, I’m not sure what I would do if one of my residents approached
me possessed. It probably wouldn’t be too much worse than a normal Thursday night on a college campus, but I doubt my first action would be casting out the spirit. My lack of white collar and holy water does not make me a prime candidate to be an exorcist. I don’t even have a black briefcase.

If schools were filled with possessed students, the learning atmosphere would be hindered. I doubt that demons hold much regard for being quiet in the library or cleaning up for room checks. Resident halls would make a killing off the fines the victim incurred. Eating chicken fried steak at Hardy would be less fulfilling with the sounds of teeth gnashing filling the room.

The student exorcist is convinced that he has been called by God to cast out demons. Jesus himself used seven of his approximately 35 miracles to cast out spirits. However, the Georgia RA’s radical faith is impacting the campus
in a negative way.

Jesus certainly did not draw this much attention to himself. In fact, when He performed miracles, he told the people to remain quiet. Jesus did not go on podcasts and news channels to proclaim his actions.

The RA says that the exorcism was a success. The student he performed it on has since transferred schools. Other students are staying quiet.

When students go to medical school, they learn how to treat patients. They even perform procedures, they are always under supervision. Ministry school should be no different. It is a place to learn how to heal the sick, not actually do it. Possession is an extreme spiritual illness and should be left to professionals. One UMHB faculty member said that demons should be exorcised wherever they are found, but if he came across one, he would call a priest.

If you find a demon, get backup. Completing Old Testament Survey does not make you a certified exorcist. Med students do not perform brain surgery; ministry students should not be exorcising.

Author: Evan Duncan

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