Baylorian – same story, fresh faces

By Artie Phillips

The Baylorian – the university’s literary journal – is being produced this year by an entirely new team. All of the editors are new to the game, but they are working to get news of the Baylorian out to the student body, and getting people to submit their own literary works.

Junior English major and assistant editor of the Baylorian Rachel Yubeta said, “I think writing is a good way to connect to other people, and it shows them how you see the world in the hope that they can relate.”

The dead – line for sub – missions is Dec. 8, and the staff wants people to know that almost anything is accepted, as long as it is free of profanity and unconscionable situations.Any member of the university is free to submit a piece, not just English majors.

Dr. Brady Peterson, English department chair and faculty advisor for the Baylorian, says anyone can be a writer.

Photo by Evangeline Cuipek

“The writer is someone who is in love with life and writes about it,” he said.

The Baylorian staff members say the biggest problem they are currently facing is how to inform the student population about what they are doing.

Senior English major and managing editor of the Baylorian Teresa Massenge said, “So far it’s just a matter of keeping the staff in touch with each other and the student body.”

The literary journal currently has a Facebook page that can be found by searching for Baylorian 2010, and the page directs people to submit potential pieces to the staff using their Gmail account. However, the staff has been looking for an on-campus way to let people know about the Baylorian, and they believe they have found one.

“Sometime soon there will be a social get-together for English majors that will be sponsored by the Baylorian. Also, we are currently working with the library to try and get a Web page attached to the home page (of the school),” Massenge said.

The staff encourages students to submit their own works to the Baylorian. The writings don’t have to be limited to a certain genre. All authors say that writing is mainly about feeling, and it is with feeling that the Baylorian staff asks students to write.

Peterson said that “writing helps us construct the world we live in. It helps us define who we are and what the world is, and how we fit in the world.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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