Call me an entrepreneur

I started the fall semester proud of my newfound place to purchase textbooks. I came across (a subsidy of eBay) my sophomore year.

And I’m hooked.

I buy and sell online. Beyond saving money I don’t have, another plus is getting and sending mail.

When I get an e-mail saying “You’ve made a sale” I whip out the paper, tape and animal stickers. It’s like wrapping Christmas presents. I’m sure to include the paper from the site alerting the buyer to leave positive feedback for me. I’m proud to say that guitarprincess189 has shooting star reviews.

The not so good

But something not so great happened last semester. I branched out from ordering school textbooks and bought a Becoming Jane on the site. Not only was the item late (sellers have three days to ship an item once it’s been sold), but it turned out to be a pirated copy!

I reported that sucker to the authorities. They quickly responded by giving me a complete refund.

Talk about good customer service and excellent PR.

The extra surprise

I used to order my books for my fall classes during the summer. But the upperclassmen in me has gotten this “do I actually need this book” to a science.

I waited until the first week of class was over to purchase a book for a certain class (can’t tell you because I’m still in it), but three weeks came and went, and I still hadn’t received the book.

Another cool feature on is the ability for sellers and buyers to converse. I had a message from the seller saying she hadn’t received the notice that the book had been sold until recently. I said, “Yeah right” aloud and clicked the reply button. She asked me if I still wanted the book. I’d been charged for it already so of course, I said yes.

A couple of days later, I got a really heavy box in the mail. It was the book! Now I could stop mooching off my friend who had the book already.

The textbook was in a box marked “World’s Finest Chocolates” – I smiled because my sister and I used to have to sell those for our school fundraiser. Then, when I cut open the taped edges, I found inside … three chocolate bars.

It made me laugh out loud.

Poor lady who felt sorry for sending the book late! It was worth the wait. Three chocolate bars for not really missing the book too much (tear, tear).

Even though it’s not predictable, I’m glad for the funny memories using a Web site to buy school books has proved to be. What did students do when they had to buy books from a bookstore?

I know one thing’s for sure; they didn’t get chocolate bars with their textbooks!

Author: Kennan Neuman

Kennan Neuman is a senior mass communication/journalism major with a minor in Christian studies from the small town of Devine, Texas. She is the assistant editor and loves writing stories and designing pages. She also enjoys playing guitar for friends, the girls’ Bible study on Thursday nights and the youth at HBC in Temple. She loves reading a good Lucado book while on the back porch at home, drinking sweet tea and mastering Sudoku puzzles. She also enjoys having a “girls’ night out” and conversations at coffee shops.

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