Houston, we have a comeback

By LaKeshia Sauls

From one-hit wonders to lavish, long standing careers, the secular music world has seen many artists come and go. With her latest release, I Look to You, Whitney Houston tells why she isn’t ready to leave.

The 1980’s songstress with hit songs such as “The Greatest Love of All” and “I Will Always Love You” has returned from what some have said to be a drug-propelled hiatus.

Whatever the case, Ms. Houston has more than poured her life woes into her comeback.

A day before it was to release, Houston’s seven-year hibernation came to an end Aug. 31.

“I Look to You,” Houston’s first single from the anticipated comeback CD is a great indication of what is to come.

If set to be an autobiography of such, the single shows the beauty of her return. With the piano, Houston sings alongside the melodies, pouring out her heart and soul.

“A Song for You” glides into line with her vocals and shows the sensitivity of the lyrics. The song itself is touching enough and topped with Houston’s vocals will leave listeners in awe.

With “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” tales of her past despairs are brought front and center. By chance
autobiographical, Houston more than empties her heart, finding her way through the cords of such a great melody.

Making her return in 2009 in the midst of auto tunes and such, “Worth It” and “Million Dollar Bill,” joins the ranks of upbeat, dance-gathering rhythms.

Carrying the song with what some say is her “new sound,” Houston’s sassy and savvy appeal is heard through the tempo.

Once being a solo artist who did things her way, Houston teams with Akon on “Like I Never Left,” showing
through her new-found range she is here to stay.

Topping her first album which debuted in 1985 would be over modest, but there is no doubt that I Look To You, joins the ranks of bests for Houston.

Her performance on her latest CD shows a new Whitney with a limited range yet deeper vocals to match.

Ending the album with “Salute,” the well-rounded release from the musical icon is a delightful return for true
rhythm-and-blues lovers.

Whitney’s career is far from over, and her most recent work is the proof.

Author: The Bells Staff

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