Design Cru, more than a name

Students often come to college with artistic talents, but they have no way to express these abilities. Consequently this can take away motivation that they had for going to school in the first place.

Now, there is a solution to the problem. The Design Cru exists to give students a means to funnel their gifts for art and graphic design.

The organization is made up primarily of students majoring in information technology, graphic design, mass communication and art, but it is open to all students interested in any aspect of graphic design. This includes, but is not limited to, film, web, animation and print.

The organization’s faculty sponsor is Donna Teel. She helps the group by assisting, advising and supporting the members in their activities.

“I have been affiliated with the club since it was first constituted in 2005,” Teel said. “A computer graphics design (CGD) major Timothy Walker, suggested the club, and under the guidance of Ms. Effel Harper, developed the proposal and spearheaded the beginning of the club.”

Last semester, members submitted T-shirt designs to Joy Childress for the parent teacher organization. The winner would receive a purple iPod, with the UMHB logo etched on the back.

The Design Cru is always busy making different designs for organizations and events that take place on campus.

“Since the organization began, we have welcomed students from all disciples that have had an interest in any aspect of graphic design, computers, art and film,” Teel said. “The club has hosted classes by film and flash animation professionals, had field trips to watch and then discuss current films, taken a group of club members to South by Southwest in Austin, had presentations by students on a variety of topics such as
developing and printing T-shirt designs, participated in activities on campus and are always open to suggestions from club members for anything that will help broaden their creativity and design knowledge. We will also be revamping our Web site soon, which should help attract new members.”

Senior computer graphics design major Katie Smith is the president of Design Cru. She started working with the organization after hearing her adviser, Teel, speak of it. Smith decided that she wanted to be involved in something that would challenge her as well as encourage her while she is working in her major and discovering what direction to point her career in CGD.

“Design Cru is more about bringing in speakers and letting anyone interested know about opportunities to help advertise for a campus event or organization, or pick up a design part time job,” Smith said. “I have had the opportunity to run sound and video for the community theatre in Killeen for a musical the last two years, and have had the chance to work with Miss MHB Pageant and Crusader Knights by helping out with the two-night filming/editing and videos. Design Cru could be called a contact group in order to know about odd jobs to add to your resume and experience.”

Holly Gaskamp, who is also a senior CGD major, is the vice president of communications for Design Cru. She has been involved with the organization since she was a freshman. She found out about it by being involved
in Film Cru (which is closely associated) and going to the meetings for Design Cru.

Gaskamp wishes that members would gain information from the group.

She said “I hope that people who are passionate about graphic design can get a sense of community from Design Cru,” she said. “I would hope, too, that we could provide an environment where people can grow in
their skills and encourage one another.”

“What I like best about Design Cru is that we get opportunities to hear speakers that are living out their hearts’ desire, as well as learning and growing from obstacles that they encounter,” Smith said. “I have learned that you should really love going to work every day, and by being in Design Cru, I have been
able to immerse myself in opportunities to serve, have fun, and be creative with my major, as well as challenge myself to stay on top of emerging technology and trends.”

Author: Patrick McDonald

Patrick McDonald was born on the Planet Krypton in Space Sector 2813. When the planet was set to explode, his parents sent him off to Earth by means of a spaceship. Upon landing in Burnet on the Planet Earth, his body began to form superpowers by means of Earth’s yellow sun. Patrick uses his powers to protect the Earth, while using his journalism skills at the Bells to hide himself among Earth’s people. Patrick loves his job because he is good at what he does and is able to work with a staff that is negotiable, helpful and loving. He also loves his Jesus and praises him for what he has done, what he is doing and what he is going to do in his life.

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