‘Free meal’ not at Hardy, Weathersbee explains

By Byron Weathersbee, the Vice President for Student Life

All of us are looking for a bargain. When I eat, I want the best food for the lowest price. Unfortunately, meal
plans cannot be free. You know there is no such thing as a “free meal.”

Double swiping ends up costing students more money.

When a student purchases a meal plan, that plan is designed specifically to cover the cost of one college student. Sodexo is our food service company. They work with many universities across the nation. They are attempting to provide universities (students in particular) with the best quality for the lowest price. If not, there are other companies competing to gain your business.

In an “all you care to eat” meal plan that has multiple options, a food service company uses a complex formula to determine the cost per meal. It is based on one person eating all they care to eat in a given week … not two people.

If they allowed double swiping, it would cause cost to increase because two people will eat much more food than one in any given week.

For example, my family cannot have one insurance policy to cover both my car and my wife’s car. The formula is based on two cars being on the road. The more cars that are insured by that company, then the  cost of insurance actually goes down per car.

Your meal plan was set based on the fact that one person would be eating during a week. If you want to get the most for your money, then eat all of your meals.

Second, in years past Sodexo and the kind food service staff has graciously allowed students to swipe for a friend who “forgot” their card. This was becoming more frequent and some students began to

take advantage of the situation. Then students figured out ways to double swipe and get a great meal without having to pay – because after for, right?” No, what has been paid for on that meal plan is the weekly food cost for one student – not two.

Keep in mind that UMHB’s meal plans are considerably less than other universities’. Let’s keep it that way.

Next time you invite a friend that does not have a use your Crusader Bucks to cover their cost. When you buy a meal, it creates real community.

The administration is constantly evaluating food service to best serve you.

We could change the plan to allow for double swiping for a friend, but your cost would increase. We are currently considering “guest passes” that would allow you to bring a guest a couple of times per semester. But these meals still cost money. All conveniences have a price tag, and the UMHB administrationwants to help keep the cost of a private education affordable.

Author: The Bells Staff

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