Temple looks for young professionals

Temple Young Professionals, a new and rising committee in central Texas, is attracting students and local businesses for many reasons.

Spherion Branch Manager and president of the organization Sol Melton said the idea for the group is to attract and retain the younger generation in the talent pool.

“We target an age group 21-45,” he said, “The younger generation has a live first and work second attitude.
That is a huge retention factor. Temple can have every job in the world but if it’s not a cool place to live, it won’t matter. The younger generation will move to a more culturally diverse and active city and then look for a job as opposed to getting a good job in Temple and then relocating here for it.”

Joan Mikeska Realtor and Temple Young Professionals membership director Ali Thompson recommends that UMHB students get involved.

“It’s a great opportunity for college students to meet people in the business world right now who can mentor them,” she said. “It will help them to locate a job when they graduate college.”

Melton said people can use it as a networking opportunity for college graduates or rising seniors.

“We offer after-hour events to ensure that we will fit the schedules of college students.”

Temple Young Professionals meets once a month and has a guest speaker who discusses a local, national or international issue.

“We rotate between a business lunch and a social afterhours,” he said, “We keep our members engaged in what’s going on in the city. Also, we discuss what they want done, and we discuss how to get it done.”

The committee is essential for job networking and social group activities.

“I lived in Temple for fi ve years before I found out there was an adult soccer league,” Melton said. “I probably would have known years ago about the opportunity if Temple Young Professionals had existed.”

Extraco Banks insurance specialist Allison Lueck said Temple has needed this type of organization for quite some time.

“Over the years, I have witnessed my parents’ generation do so much to help this community grow,” she said. “It’s time for our generation to step up as well. I hope Temple Young Professionals continues to grow and has a positive effect on our community.”

The group is dedicated to increasing the city’s potential toward social and economical growth.

“A service project is also in the future with the region,” he said, “All kinds of ideas are progressing, and we’re looking and listening for more.”

Melton said young professionals need to be familiar with companies in the area.

“If the person reviewing your resumé in human resources met you, then you’re ahead of the game,” he said.

The organization is in touch with employers as a job connection tool for members.

“Recruiters will come to our area and attend one of our meetings to fi nd someone in our group who could work for them or join their organization,” Melton said.

Membership is an opportunity for students to meet new people.

“The group is fun and it’s another extended avenue into the education process with career development,” Thompson said.

The next Temple Young Professionals meeting is scheduled for late September. Information about the meeting is available from Ali Thompson at (254)718-6777.

Melton believes social networking is essential for career success.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” he said, “And that is a very true statement.”

Author: Mary Beth Kelton

I am a senior at UMHB and loving it! I am the features editor for The Bells and I also intern at the Temple Chamber of Commerce. I transferred to UMHB fall 2008 and God has done so many amazing things with my life. I am excited to graduate in May but more excited about the next two semesters and the memories that I will gain. I plan to continue my education by obtaining a masters degree in sociology after graduation unless I am somehow blessed with a job.

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