Simplicity of the Gospel: Finding Jesus in dead cat

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The search for something profound often leads to silent disappointment, while the simplicity of life’s adventures can bring us to an unexpected point of reverence; so a 4-year-old boy I babysit showed me.

As we went on our usual walk—pretending to be Woody and Jessie from Toy Story—we talked about fighting bad guys and finding Buzz Lightyear, and all the other random things that go through a young boy’s adventurous mind. But as we looked down the road, a giant white monster truck—or maybe it was just a Chevy Silverado— zoomed past leaving behind a squirming baby cat half run-over.

After I instructed the young boy to stay on the sidewalk, I ran into the road and picked up the baby kitty before another car could hit it. It was horrific. The kitten’s eye was literally hanging by a thread, and blood was gushing down my arm. The cat was spastically jolting from a few functioning nerves. I laid it behind a rock so the child couldn’t see death overtake the small, helpless animal.

I’m not going to lie. Though I’m 21 years old and the cat wasn’t even mine, I had to hold back tears. I couldn’t believe it. A half amputated cat just died, and I watched every moment of it. I don’t even like cats. But it was hard for me to see something happen to such an innocent creature.

Of course, the little boy wanted to see the cat, so I led him over there to cease his curiosity.

We had a mock funeral, which included some condolences and, of course, a prayer.

Then we headed toward the creek to play in the water.

“The cat died,” he kept repeating until we reached our final destination. “This is real sad. There’s blood on your hands.” He kept staring at the blood on my hands.

After I rinsed my arms in the water, he looked at me and smiled.

“Now we can be happy,” he exclaimed. “There’s no more blood on you, and the cat is with God.”

Then he asked me a simple question that really made me think.

“Did the cat die because he wasn’t supposed to be playing in the road?”

“Yes, the cat did die because he was in the road,” I said. “And the road is dangerous. That’s why we can’t
walk in the road.”

He looked at me, content with the answer.

“The cat died, and it was sad. And there was blood. But now there’s no blood so we can be happy because we know we cannot play in the road,” he said.

I almost envied this young child’s reasoning and how easily he accepted the truth.

It took me back to the simplicity of the Gospel. Perfect and innocent Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins. It is sad that our Redeemer had to pay the price for our fall, but we can be happy in our salvation because the blood on our hands has been rinsed with living water.

While the cat isn’t Jesus, and this story isn’t biblical, it’s fun to rejoice in even the smallest sightings of Jesus at work in nature and in children. It’s beautiful how He can remind us of truth and lead us to the cross even in our daily activities.

Author: Crystal Donahue

A senior from Lago Vista, Texas, Crystal enjoys hanging out at the lake with friends, eating ice-pops, having conversations over hot chocolate with marshmallows, going on random road-trips and watching Gilmore Girls with her mom. She is double majoring in mass communication/journalism and Spanish. Post graduation, Crystal plans on getting her master's and working abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Having served in various positions on The Bells, Crystal is now the editor-in-chief. She enjoys feature and sports writing.

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