Classes ‘turbo kick’ calories

By Lauren Piercey

Burning hundreds of calories in less than an hour has never been so easy.

Mayborn Campus Center offers six Cru Fit classes for students to get involved in, an alternative to just jumping on the treadmill. Turbo Kick along with Crunch and Pump offers a good full body workout.

Sophomore Doug Peak attends Turbo Kick, though the class attracts mostly women.

“I don’t feel intimidated by the girls. The first day my workout partner was a girl,” he said. “It’s
a work out for everyone, guy and girl, people in shape and people out of shape.”

Burning hundreds of calories while doing something fun is one of the benefits.

“It is an opportunity to get in a lot of cardio while acting like a fool and getting a little crazy. It’s a different way to get the workout in without dreading what you are doing or being repetitive,” Peak said.

Junior Jacquie Case (left) works out in Turbo Kick class under instructor Jessie Oestreich (right).

Junior Jacquie Case (left) works out in Turbo Kick class under instructor Jessie Oestreich (right). Photo by Matthew Peterson

He believes more men should try it.

“Other guys should defi nitely take the class because it’s intense and it’s a form of working out most men don’t do. It works you better than just the same old bench or treadmill,” Peak said.

Sophomore Pearlie Gault got introduced to Turbo Kick through a friend.

She said the class has its ups and downs.

“The best part is how much fat you burn off doing it, but the hard part is catching on to the nonstop movements.”

Junior Jacquie Case has been taking Turbo Kick since last spring, and she notices the improvements.

“This class has really helped me tone up my body and I have seen amazing results from this class from building muscle, losing weight, strength and endurance,” she said.

She cannot stay away from the workout.

“Turbo kick is a lot of fun and addicting. I just can’t get enough of it. I need this class three days out of the week. Without it, I feel like there is something missing,” Case said.

Jessie Oestreich is the instructor for both classes and has been teaching for 11 years. What some may not know is that Turbo Kick is actually the same as the kick boxing class she taugh last semester.

“Last year was my first year to teach (Turbo Kick), and I wasn’t sure if I would like it as much as kick boxing or if it (would) go over well. It did, so we decided to call it Turbo,” she said.

She has her favorite parts of the class.

“There are very few fitness programs where you can burn 1,000 calories,” Oestreich said.

Both classes involve some sort of resistance, especially Crunch and Pump.

“It is a mixture of weights, abs, sculpting and cardio,” she said.

Junior Jana Peterson took Cru Crunch last semester and thought Crunch and Pump would be a fun class.

“I chose it because I love abs and aerobic type workouts, plus it’s inside,” she said.

The class was a little harder than she expected.

“It was a challenge, but I love a challenge,” Peterson said.

The atmosphere of the class was what she liked best.

“My favorite part was the nonstop workout and good music to work out to,” Peterson said.

Sophomore Ryan Castleman also just started the class and thinks it is worth the pain.

“I like to go back because I am sore the next day, and I feel like I have done something good,” she said.

Castleman believes switching up activities helps keep things interesting.

“The routine is different every time, I really like that.”

Junior Andrea Olson said the class does not get repetitive and is exciting.

“Jessie keeps the class interesting by mixing up the exercises each time, so we are always learning something new every week or so.”

Olson said the class gives a good, full body workout.

“Right when you think your arms are about to fall off from doing a lot of bicep curls, (Jessie) will switch to abs. I always walk out feeling like I got a good, solid workout.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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