Leader calls campus to embrace change

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Article by Tommy Wilson

Welcome to the 2009 fall semester at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. For those of
you who are entering your first semester, we are pumped that you chose to be with us this year.

For everyone else on your third, sixth or even tenth semester, we are glad to have you back as well. It is going to be a great year of adventure and new opportunities for all of us.

As you walk around, you will notice several changes around campus. From a revamped SUB to a new sound system in the chapel, UMHB has upgraded some key features. We also have new administrators—Dr. Randy O’Rear as president, and Dr. Byron Weathersbee as vice president for
Student Life. All these little changes are not so vast and radical that you say, “What happened to UMHB?” but they do bring a new feel and look to the life and appearance of our university. They
will help bring out the best in our school and allow us to grow into what God is calling us to be.

Tommy Wilson, Student Body President

Tommy Wilson, Student Body President

There were two things from my campaign last year that I still hold to.

One is building community on campus. The second is striving to impact the world we live in. A motto that does justice to both ideas is “Building community inwardly to affect our community outwardly.”

We will make every effort to unify the different cultures represented on campus, while still respecting their individual qualities. The community that I hope to affect is not just UMHB or Belton, but the world. We have a great chance to be a part of and make a difference in our global community, which starts here at home with us and spreads out all over the world.

This is not an effort for just one person, but for our campus as a whole—stepping outside of who we are normally in order to meet new people, try new things and make new friends.

It takes a willing attitude to sit with different people in Hardy, meet new people around campus and interact with new people in the classroom.

This vision is not just something I have come up with, but something I believe God is calling our school to do as a whole. I am excited about our upcoming year and to looking back one year from now to see the changes that will have taken place.

I hope you will share this passion with me to see this come about, knowing that together we can change our campus and the world.

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