Let the last battle begin

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By Garrett Pekar

Summer break is swiftly approaching. Does anyone else wonder where the year has gone? It seems to have flown by all too quickly, but this year was neither unproductive nor uneventful, by any means.

Thinking back, one can recall friendships made throughout the year, and the many fun times shared with those people. Students endured hours in classrooms. At times, working on homework was like trudging through quicksand. It may not have been fun, but it prepared the way for more interesting, major-specific courses.

Without mom or dad to cook, wash or clean, students learned to take care of themselves. They demonstrated responsibility and gained independence. A bunch of kids turned into young adults.

Besides growing individually, some may have grown spiritually during this school year. God is not hard to find at UMHB. With chapel, Focus and the many churches near campus, students have a lot of support on their respective journeys of faith.

Much has indeed taken place in the course of this year. School’s not over yet, though. Do not get in the summer vacation mindset before all the final exams; they’re way too important to blow off.

The word “finals” carries a certain weight that makes it seem like some behemoth waiting to destroy unsuspecting students. When it comes up in conversation, those who hear it cannot help but shudder. Finals are not as big and bad as their legends describe, however. Students can defeat them with the proper amount of preparation.

Final exams are important because good grades on finals can bring up bad averages, but bad scores can tear an A down to a B or a C. Grades that have been worked for all semester long do not deserve to be thrown away by the lack of preparation for a final test. Summer will come when it comes, and no amount of laziness will bring it about sooner. Prepare and study well for final exams. Don’t be lazy and slack off before upcoming tests. Take them seriously.

Try not to stress out about finals too much, if that’s possible. Easier said than done, for sure. Study hard and prepare the mind, and there will be no need to worry. When it is time to take the test, relax and don’t race through it. Savor the taste of the battle with the beast, and claim victory over the dreaded final.

Author: The Bells Staff

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