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Courtesy MCT Campus

Courtesy MCT Campus

Please, put cameras in the parking lots outside of buildings, UMHB.

My car has been hit, keyed, and vandalized without any proof of who may have done it, and I am not sure if my car can take any more.

It is expensive to the school, yes, but students and faculty can reap the benefits of the extra cost by saving money on getting scratches fixed and popping dents in our doors. We deserve to know if something happens to our investments in UMHB parking lots, so that we can ask who did it rather than asking ourselves why it happened.

In my two years here, I have seen other cars get damaged and have suffered hundreds of dollars worth of damage to my once brand-new car. I would be more than happy to account for the hail damage during tornado season last year, but as for the other dents and scratches in my car, I am left with a bunch of questions and no answers.

Again, I plead with you UMHB. Give us some security and accountability for what goes on in our parking lots.

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