Parking policy unfair to students

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Purple spots are for students, white spots are for faculty and staff and yellow spots are for visitors, right?


Cars with a faculty/staff parking sticker can park wherever they please, including the best student parking spots.

On a daily basis all over campus, faculty/staff cars can be found parked within the purple sanctity that students are meant to enjoy.

Students get a $25 reprimand for the same infraction on the tempting open white parking spaces.

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The heinous double standard allows faculty and staff to park wherever they like without limitation or repercussion while students scramble for the few parking spots left before a class only to find out a professor has taken it.

Sure, a class can’t be conducted without a professor, but shouldn’t there be a strict set of parking regulations for them also?

Students are given a laundry list of parking rules at the beginning of each semester; they must park inside the lines, cannot back in and cannot park in white spots. But faculty and staff are not held to the same strict color-coded standards when choosing their parking spots.

If close parking availability is the reason that professors and staff park in student parking, then welcome to the world of the college students on campus. They have to carry pricey, heavy books to class whether a close parking spot is available or rain is pelting down on their heads. Just because the spot is closer does not mean that faculty and staff should be able to take advantage of what is meant to be a student space.

Parking is always available. It just may not be as close to the building as they prefer.

Parking standards should be the same for everyone. There should be enough parking available for both students and faculty/staff to park at the building they need to access without having to infringe on student parking areas.

The administration should be even-handed with students and faculty/staff. It is important to show students they are equals at the university, and that begins with expecting the same from everyone.
Students are equally vital to the continuation of UMHB, so why not treat them that way?

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