Google mail to the rescue

The return from spring break marks the time when students, faculty and staff begin preparing for the last sprint of the school year until finals. However, this year on March 23, an event known as G-Day went live in the SUB, allowing students to access their new campus Gmail accounts.

Department of Information Technol-ogy application engineer, Tracy Martin, was on the team helping make implements in UMHB e-mail accounts. She explained that after the switch, the system is now “powered by Google.”

This will allow users to have 2,000 times more space to hold information without having to continuously delete important e-mails.

“We recognized there was a problem, and we needed to improve the student’s e-mail solution,” Martin said. “We asked for feedback from students. We did not just do it on our own. We got more than 200 Facebook surveys back, and students overwhelmingly supported a move to Gmail.”

Photo by Brittany Tice, The Bells

Photo by Brittany Tice, The Bells

Angela Baker, hardware engineer, also helped organize G-Day and was impressed to see the outcome and reaction to all those involved in the switch.

“It appears to be a really positive response. Students are coming in. A lot of them are excited,” Baker said. “Some of them are already familiar with Google and possibly already have an account there. So they realize the benefit available to them and all the other fun things that are coming along with the Google applications.”

Sader mail used an older server, and IT felt that it was inconvenient for the students to face this issue. Baker said this will make e-mail entertaining and accessible.

“The old account was really old, and it only allowed for so much space, and that was a big downfall for the students as far as using the e-mail for picture swapping, PowerPoint and other stuff,” she said. “They really had limited space. That alone is the biggest plus—the space that (Gmail) is going to give the students.”

In many cases, students would access their Sader mail accounts, but would quickly have all their e-mail forwarded to other accounts.

Freshman math major, Shaina Ryan, was excited to know that she could now have one mailing address.

Photo by Brittany Tice, The Bells

Photo by Brittany Tice, The Bells

“I am really looking forward to actually being able to fully use my school e-mail address,” she said. “I already told all of my family and friends to start e-mailing me at my school account instead of my old one. I will most definitely start using my Sader mail as my primary e-mail account.”

Junior Christian studies major Geoff Payne said, “I think the new Gmail accounts will provide a much simpler, more user-friendly interface for student e-mailing.”

He thinks the goal was reached in helping students access their Internet mailing accounts easier and is excited about Google as the new mailing server.

Payne said, “I like the new accounts because of the increased memory and user-friendly features of Gmail, but also because it offers customizable features and settings and skins to its users. That will be really fun.”

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