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By LaKeshia Sauls

Look for entertainment, and the library would probably be the last place to venture, unless you stroll through the doors of the Townsend Memorial Library.

Libraries have always held a stigma for opened books and tight lips.

Although that has not changed drastically over the years, other aspects have.

Seemingly the direction to head when resources are needed for a class report, now the library is the place to go for many entertainment needs as well.

Anne Price, head of public services and assistant professor, said,

“While fiction and non-fiction books may be our bread and butter, it’s become clear in this technological age that the other resources, services, and, yes, even the entertainments we provide are of growing importance.”

While books are definitely here to stay — magazines, TVs, DVDs and even CDs, are now a part of the Townsend’s collection of resources.

Today’s movies to watch

With various movies, ranging from Blood Diamond, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and even Akeelah and the Bee, students can borrow DVDs for entertainment pleasure.

No DVD player? No problem.

The next best thing to the movie itself is borrowing a portable DVD player overnight from the library.

CDs for listening pleasure

For the music lover, Townsend may not house all of the latest hits, but if you like Michael Bolton, ZZ Top, Duke Ellington or Donnie McClurkin, be sure to stop by the compact disc section and give the titles a browse.

Portable CD players and headphones are also available for students to check out.

Current magazines to thumb

Even the magazine section has expanded.

Back when National Geographic was one of the main magazines remotely entertaining, times have definitely changed. Lucky, Essence, Brides and even Good Housekeeping have become permanent fixtures on the library’s shelves.

Being able to locate your favorite magazine and dropping the paid subscription can easily turn into a new form of saving money.

Library steps into future

What about the books, in the midst of all the technology floating around within the two levels of the Townsend?

Are the books becoming just a show in upholding the library in its definition?

Advancing technology may drown out the use of books as primary resources, but that doesn’t mean the library will stagnate as well.

Librarians know their expansion in the same direction as current trends is essential to meet students’ needs.

Increased traffic in Townsend

For that, throughout the day, students are seen hustling and bustling through the doors of Townsend.

Whether they are there to watch the latest news buzz on one of the televisions, check out books, DVDs or CDs or just to surf the Internet, more and more students are making their way, in great numbers, into the library itself.

“The number of students entering our physical doors during the last year rose by nearly 8,000 students from the previous academic year,” Price said.

That number doesn’t include the virtual patrons who access the library’s databases from their own dorm rooms and apartments.

The latest software

Needless to say, the computers that are laced with the latest software and flat-screen monitors are what drive students to the library in the first place.

Junior English major, Kelly Williams, said her main reason for visiting the library regularly is to check her e-mail at least two to three times a week.

Williams wasn’t aware of the other amenities, like DVDs and CDS. But she said she would definitely look into the availability.

“Having those options makes it easier than going off campus to video stores,” she said.

Beverages sold

The library has come a long way and doesn’t seem to be slacking in adding more to its resources.

Just the thought of walking into any library with a beverage in your hand would make you cringe with the thought of the tongue-lashing you’d receive.

That is certainly not the case in Townsend.

Not only can you enjoy soda, tea, coffee, or whatever your choice may be, but purchasing these beverages for added warmth is possible in the library.

Computers for convenience

Being a college student can sometimes be stressful, and most times funds are strained.

Students who do not own laptops of their own can easily borrow them without cost.

Being familiar with other services that are offered at Townsend broadens students’ horizons. Particularly for those who may not have automobiles and ready access to entertainment off campus, the library offers invaluable opportunities for entertainment options.

Transfer freshman and business marketing major, Jocelyn Witcher, said the resources give “the library more support, and many students have an opportunity to enjoy themselves when they visit the library.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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