Everyday life can be radical mission

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Smoke billowed from the washing machine because the California king comforter stuffed into it stopped the rotors from moving. For those who need a translation, a normal washer loaded down with an extra-extra large blanket equals too much to handle.

Like this washer, sometimes life gets bogged down with trying to clean all the impurities of faith. Can this extra-extra important part of life intertwine with normalcy?

All my life, I have been told God has a fantastic and wonderful future in store for me.

“He has great and mighty things for you to do and accomplish,” they said. What are these things, and is this future knowable?

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The ridiculous picture of me as a whitewater rapid tour guide, brown hair flowing from my shiny helmet pops into my head when I think of “great and mighty.”

Maybe a future in the dark despair of Africa saving babies from starvation and disease is not what God has called me to. Certainly I don’t plan to appear on Joel Osteen’s television show.

Even if I don’t want to be Miss Missionary, does that disqualify me from the race of faith? I want to be normal, but where does that desire and my passion for following God meet?

It might seem strange, but living the grand missionary life others image for me is like standing on a long, beautiful platform wearing this knock-out dress and killer high heels, all the while being completely miserable wanting to simply wear a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and flip-flops.

One looks better, but if I can rock out the plain-Jane outfit with heart, vibrancy and love, that would be preferable.

I want to tell people around me during the daily grind about Jesus, his love, grace and hope. I want any and every person I can reach to hear the good news and to see it lived out the best way I can with help from someone much greater than I.

There just doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with living a normal life and sharing Jesus with those I come across. Is it necessary to go somewhere exotic to do great and mighty work?

The other day my friend was talking about her younger bother.

She said, “If I can just keep him from getting married before he finishes college, then he will be good.”

The reply was simple: “Just because the way he is choosing to get through college is not the way you would do it does not make it wrong. Getting married could help him grow up, and he might just get better grades in the process.”

People think they have it all figured out for everyone else.

Is Jesus going to look down on me because my worship and obedience to him does not match the life everyone else expects for me? I think not.

So the next time the urge arises to raise a brow at someone’s choice, remember just because the path they chose is not the one that seems most sensible, it may be what God has for them. After all, God does not need anyone’s approval.

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