One heart, one song, One Voice

By Andra Holbrooks

One Voice is a group of ten talented students who do much more than just sing.

“Our group is more of a ministry than a vocal ensemble,” said James Venable, senior Christian ministry major.

“We deal with all kinds of people, so we have to be able to communicate a lot. We go to churches and sing, and we don’t want to seem like a clique,” he said.

The students have traveled to many churches locally and to large cities such as Austin and Dallas.
One Voice has a variety of people in the group. From freshmen to seniors, males and females, they have come together throughout the years forming special bonds.

Meg Gohlke, senior music education major enjoys the group’s traveling   experiences.

“One Voice went to climb Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, Texas, my sophomore year. After making it to the top of the rock, we sang our song entitled, ‘Build on the Rock’; which is about standing strong on the firm foundation of Christ,” she said.

Gohlke has been a member for almost all of her college career.

“The end of this semester will end my three years of being in One Voice, which is sad to think about,” she said. “I didn’t make One Voice my freshman year, but did sophomore year and have loved and cherished every minute of it.”

The One Voice Concert was held in Hughes Recital Hall on Feb. 19. The performance included the group joined by a string ensemble and the chorale, another small group of singers on  campus.

“The chorale is more of the classical style,” Venable said. “Together we are singing a Bach cantata. It’s more classical.”

Gohlke was excited about performing with the strings as background music.

“Singing with a string ensemble is not something we get to do often. It is an exciting opportunity and very enjoyable. It enhances the sense of baroque styling of Bach’s ‘Cantata Nr. 196’, which, in turn, is a more accurate experience for us,” she said.

Looking back, Leslie Cross, junior vocal performance major, gave some insight of Thursday night’s event.

“I thought the performance went really well. It’s always great to perform with strings, and I wish that those opportunities would happen more often,” she said.

Mentally preparing for a concert is like getting pumped up for a sports event.

“There is always such an excitement among us when we are about to perform. We know that we are (going) to bring the music to life,” Cross said.

“I felt like that’s what happened on Thursday night: two ensembles working together to reach an audience in a way they thought was unlikely.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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