High School Musical 3 DVD release

The Film:

HSM3 is exciting to watch and explores the many emotions seniors feel their senior year. It is just as hard to say goodbye to the cast as it is for them to say goodbye to each other.

Special Features:

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The two-disc special edition has an expansive selection of special features to choose from.

Viewers can go behind the scenes of prom and graduation and learn how the stylists chose specific outfits to suit each character and their personality.

The bloopers are a treat, and the deleted scenes hint that there may be another HSM movie following the last in this trilogy.

Sing Along:

The extended version features a sing-along version of the movie with the choice to switch between the different dance routines and songs.

Digital Copy:

The best reason to buy the special edition of HSM3 is the inclusion of a digital copy disc.

The digital copy of the movie allows buyers to save the film onto their computer and into their iTunes, which can transfer the movie onto an iPod or iPhone.

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