Dakota Fanning all grown up, stars in new sci-fi thriller Push

New sci-fi action movie Push features Dakota Fanning as Cassie Holmes, a second generation “watcher,” and Chris Evans as Nick Gant, a second generation “mover.”

Now before you get confused about what  a“watcher” and “mover” are, let me explain what each means.

There are several different kinds of people with supernatural abilities in the movie, including Watchers, who can see and draw the future; Movers, who can move things with their mind by using telekinesis; Pushers, who can convince people to do anything by pushing their own thoughts on them; Sniffs, who can see the history of something by smelling it; Shadows, who can act as a shadow over other people, hiding them from potential watchers or sniffers; Shifters, who can change any object for a short period of time; Bleeders, who emit a loud shriek that can disable and potentially kill people; Wipers, who can wipe away people’s memories; and Stitchers, who can heal others.

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The premise of the movie is a heated struggle between two factions of people with abilities: The division, who are the “Galactic Empire” of the film, and the rebellion.

Although the idea behind Push seems pretty original, the film is rather bland. The idea of two superhuman groups battling each other has already been used several times in movies like X-Men, Jumper and the popular TV show, Heroes.

Young actress Dakota Fanning does a great job of keeping the movie interesting in her scenes with superb acting. She almost upstages the other actors in the film while breaking out of her “little girl” roles such as that in War of the Worlds and Uptown Girls.

The plot is more or less shaky. Its twists take away from the movie more than they gain the viewer’s interest.

The love interest between Nick and Kira (Camilla Belle) is vanilla. The two actors share little chemistry on screen and add much more complexity to the plot than what is otherwise needed.

In fact, the duo is plain boring to watch. When the two actors look into each other’s eyes, viewers can almost see each of them thinking “When will this be over?” Few on-screen twosomes rival the mediocrity that Nick and Kira exemplify.

The action in the movie is enjoyable and entertaining, but the lack of plot direction can’t be covered up with all the special effects, gun fighting and mind games.

Summing it up

Overall, the movie is disappointing due to the lack of quality and over-hyping by the media. The only things that save this film from being a complete failure are Dakota Fanning’s superior acting and the slow-motion, high-energy action scenes.

The bottom line

The Bells gives Push a two-bell rating out of five because of plot deficiencies and a lack of originality.

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