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I love the start of the new year because everything seems so hopeful, so full of life, and so full of opportunity.

New year’s resolutions are made and loved ones find a reason to reunite and get a fresh start at once-damaged relationships.

January is a huge symbol in the lives of so many Americans because it resembles the opportunity to leave the mistakes of the past year behind and set goals to make the year better than the last.

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Some start a diet so they can shed the weight, along with insecurities that come along with being overweight, and some make their best efforts to correct tose late-night study sessions so they can get up earlier and be more productive.

Overspending is a force in almost every college student’s life, mostly because we don’t have much money in the first place, but spending less and saving more is always a good goal for those looking to set themselves up for the future.

Even though most won’t stick to the diet, go to sleep earlier or spend less money on junk they don’t need (guilty on all charges), the goals still give each of us a chance to feel like we are breaking out of our mold and like we are making a conscious effort to better ourselves.

So I challenge each person, whether 2008 was magical or a nightmare, to welcome the new year with your own personal goals and that you pursue them wholeheartedly.

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