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What is college? It’s an education of higher learning. Right? Or maybe it’s about going out and partying. Perhaps college is where people go to find their one true love, or at least a lifelong friend. Which one is it?

The truth is, college is all of these. It’s not just about going to class and making the appropriate grades, but it’s an overall experience. For some people, the first time they see someone of a different race is in their freshman English class. Sad, but true. And for a lot of students, college is the first time they do their own laundry. It’s here that people have those experiences, big or small, that have a valuable impact on their life.

College is about growing up, maturing as a person, figuring out who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life. It’s about getting to know people different from yourself, learning how to live with roommates and finding your “BFF.” It’s about trying new things, participating in special events on campus, supporting athletic programs and yes, even parties. Of course, parties at UMHB might not be as wild as they are on other campuses, but we still know how to have fun.

When people graduate and look back on the last four years of their life, they shouldn’t have any regrets. They should reminisce about all the great experiences they’ve had rather than the grades they did or didn’t get.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe that making good grades is important. How else would you graduate? But there’s so much more to it than that.

You gain knowledge and wisdom over the college years, and I feel like you have a responsibility to pass on what you have learned to the next generation of undergrads. This is in a way, giving back. Everyone doesn’t come out of school with a six-figure job waiting for them and is able to donate thousands of dollars to the university. But taking a young adult under your wing and passing on the knowledge that you have learned over the years is just as important.

Author: Joseph Warren

Joseph is a senior communication major from Humble, Texas, as well as the assistant sports editor. He took a year off from Cru soccer, but he is back with the team to play his final year. He is a big music lover who is always up for a good, live show.

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