Twilight grosses $139M despite criticism

Twilight revolutionizes the way most view vampires and embraces the infatuation between a human and a vampire who has been 17 since 1918.

The story is based on the New York Times best-seller, Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, in which Bella and Edward, played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson respectively, struggle to uphold an out-of-this-world relationship under the persecution of their peers and the threat of other vampires who thirst for Bella’s blood.

The vampires in the film break the stereotypical mold of bloodthirsty, devilish beasts.

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The Cullins vampire family is made up of Edward, Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Esme and Dr. Carlisle, who compare themselves to vegetarians because they fight the urge to feed on human blood and choose to feed on animals instead. Edward describes it as being similar to eating tofu because all the nutrients are there, but it never quite satisfies.

Bella’s story begins in hot and dry Phoenix, Ariz., as she prepares to move to cold and wet Forks, Wash., with her father because her mother and stepfather are moving to Jacksonville for his chance in minor-league baseball.

Her relationship with her father is strained because of the distance and inability to connect over the years, and it is interesting to watch both grow over the course of the film, despite their differences.

Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson do a good job of convincing viewers that their characters, Bella and Edward, are truly in love.

Their transcendental feelings toward one another provide a backbone to what would otherwise be a flimsy retelling of the book.

The movie makes good use of lighting and scenery to set the vampire-friendly scene in Forks.

The overcast skies, thick forests and nearly constant rain all make the town habitable for the vampire Cullins family.

The gray tones and paleness used in the video production embrace the overall mood that director Catherine Hardwicke attempts to mimic from the best-selling novels.

Twilight is obviously marketed to teens and young adults. The story takes place in high school and incorporates things like prom, inexperienced driving and curfew to relate to the target audience.

The weakest part of the movie is the lack of closure. The story is left open ended, which strikes resemblance to the books. But without finality, it is frustrating. The film seems to just stop without warning or resolution.

The technique is effective for novel writing, but in film, closure is key to determining the great movies from the mundane.

Critics expressed negativity over the film mostly because of the inability to live up to the hype created by the books and the lack of resolution to the film, but the plot almost felt like a new take on Romeo and Juliet and was enjoyable.

The movie is a treat to the existing fans, and it encourages viewers who have not read the books to open the rich pages of a Twilight novel.

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