New university logo seeks to enhance image

After nine months of tedious planning and thorough research, the university will unveil a new tagline. Project developers believe it will reflect what UMHB is all about.

“The main purpose of the branding is to create an emotional connection to what it is we do at Mary Hardin-Baylor,” the Director of Marketing and External Relations, Carol Woodward, said. “When you think about some of the major commercial products out on the market place, they have very strong branding. It is equally important for universities to be branded.”

For the past six years the school’s tagline has been “For Life,” so about a year and a half ago, the administration decided the school needed a new generation of the logo, something “solid for the university to hang its hat on,” Woodward said.

Photo by Katelyn Dean, The Bells

In order to do this, the university hired Details Communication of Birmingham, Ala., to analyze the school’s needs and develop an identity that would capture the essence of the campus. Woodward said it wasn’t an easy task.

“It is a real trick to come up with something that will speak to multi-generations,” she said. “It has to be appealing to younger people but still make sense and ring true for the older generations that have gone through our halls and are now out in the community.”

Details Communications provided three different concepts that were presented to a series of six focus groups in March. The Belton community and various faculty, alumni and students were included in the decision-making and injected their opinions, negative or positive, into the project. A student-led survey was also tallied. It became obvious which tagline connected most to the various audiences.

The company then used the responses to put together a presentation for the President’s Council, which was quickly approved. It included samples of billboards, advertisements and a Web site design.

The new tagline will be “Education for life. Experience of a lifetime.” It will feature purple on reverse white background, rounded corners, the chapel symbol and the use of an original, trademarked font. But most importantly, it will seek to more adequately share individual Crusaders’ stories.

“The guys from Details Communication said we weren’t doing justice to the fact that people have had such great experiences here,” Woodward said. “(They) challenged us to show visitors how much people love Mary Hardin-Baylor.”

The university has already begun compiling the stories of alumni and current students to put on the new Web site, which will be more interactive Woodward said, the most impacting for current students. Web services manager Chris Webster and webmaster Ross Gebhart from the Information Technology department created the new site which will change in look, not architecturally.

Woodward anticipates the upcoming changes to be successful.

“We’re hoping this will really start telling the story from a personal perspective,” she said. “Every college has a tagline, but we want ours to come to life. We want people to sense it and feel it … by people vocalizing their experiences.”

Senior Carlton Lemley is involved in the videotaping. He believes it is important to share Cru memories, past and present.

“As a university, it’s one of the ways you can ensure to continue to be a top school,” Lemley said. “This university has a lot to offer for top-quality students. This (project) captures the essence of UMHB and communicates this message.”

Robbin Steen, the director of admissions and recruiting, worked closely with Woodward to make the revamped tagline a reality. She believes it is an opportunity to enhance the school’s reputation.

“We are excited about this new campaign and the opportunity to tell the stories of our students and alumni,” she said. “Colleges offer many of the same academic courses, extracurricular activities and amenities, but it is the people that make us unique. We hope that this new campaign will help us highlight the education and experiences that students can expect at UMHB.”

Author: Crystal Donahue

A senior from Lago Vista, Texas, Crystal enjoys hanging out at the lake with friends, eating ice-pops, having conversations over hot chocolate with marshmallows, going on random road-trips and watching Gilmore Girls with her mom. She is double majoring in mass communication/journalism and Spanish. Post graduation, Crystal plans on getting her master's and working abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Having served in various positions on The Bells, Crystal is now the editor-in-chief. She enjoys feature and sports writing.

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