Grad student creates fat loss educational program

By Andra Holbrooks

Laura Williams, operations manager in the Mayborn Campus Center, came up with an idea that has turned into a full time job, but unpaid.

FATLOSS, Foundation for Altered Thinking on Lifestyle, Overweight, and our Sedentary Status ,came to Williams’ mind through her experience.

“I’ve always kind of had body issues, and they started way back in high school,” she said. “Good, bad or indifferent, I was always really critical of myself.”

Williams’ undergrad degree is in exercise sports science, and she has learned many of the things one needs to know about weight, body fat and living a healthy lifestyle. Since graduating college, she has worked in the fitness industry.

“But I could never quite overcome my own personal issues with myself,” she said. “And this isn’t to say that I ever thought I was totally unattractive or overweight, anything like that. I just was overly critical of my body.”

Last spring when Williams began graduate school, a “light bulb clicked. I wanted to get my knowledge out there in a way that would be fun and exciting—and free—to anyone.”

FATLOSS is an organization geared toward providing educational information and programs to increase physical activity and healthy living choices in Americans.

“All the services provided are offered free of charge because no one should be denied the opportunity for good health,” Williams said.

Knowledge is key to living a healthy lifestyle.

“With as much information and wisdom that I personally have, that’s distressing when you think of all the people out there who don’t have that knowledge and probably have the same issues or worse,” she said.

Pressures are all around society, such as TV stars, magazine beauties, infomercials about quick weight loss and fad diets.

“It’s not even about your weight. That’s a terrible measurement,” Williams said. “Body fat testing tells you a lot about what weight really is as a measurement of health and fitness. I don’t ever have to think about my weight as long as I do the things I need to be doing to stay healthy.”

Williams is not only concerned for the UMHB community, but for Americans all over.

“The goal throughout society has to change. Losing weight, being thin or being a certain size should redirect towards to being a healthy person in general. And when you make good choices to become that person, like getting the correct groceries or doing more physical activity, the other will come as a byproduct of that,” she said.

Sarah Peterson, one of Williams’ employees, said, “What Laura is doing is really great. FATLOSS has the potential to change the minds of so many people to help make the society healthier as a whole.”

Incorporated with the state of Texas, FATLOSS is a nonprofit organization.

“Our Web site is not fully developed, but my husband is working hard at it,” Williams said.

She would “like to go national as well, in order to receive funding for providing free services to our Belton community.”

FATLOSS is for educational purposes.

“It is something I’ve been working hard for and hope to get businesses to partner with me and help out with some pretty cool ideas I have. One idea is to get a Saturday in the Park program running to get families in our community involved with becoming their best.”

She said “I love what I do and am willing to help get information out there to our society. Whoever needs a plan for healthy living can find me in Mayborn.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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