Chili joins Saderpuff Reloaded

The air on the intramural field was filled with the scent of chili powder and leather on Friday, Oct. 24.

The sounds of cheering fans and loud noise makers competed with the sounds of campus organizations pawning off their homemade interpretation of the traditional Texas-favorite chili. Loud speakers blared popular songs as students’ attentions warred between a big screen projection of Guitar Hero and classmates’ football battle.

The annual Saderpuff football game, in which female students compete for class superiority in a tournament-style flag football game, was hosted this year in conjunction with the Campus Activity Board’s annual chili cook-off. The theme for the event was Saderpuff Reloaded.

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“I think it’s great,” Director of Student Organizations Kristy Brischke said. “We were hoping that putting the two together would really help out both events. I think it’s really helped a lot. I just love how there are people mingling between the two events and how it has worked together so well so far.”

Brischke said she wished more campus organizations had participated  in the chili cook-off.

“I’ve been here for three years now,” she said. “It’s always been about this amount of entrants in the cook-off, but I just wish there were more. It really helps get people excited about it. There is going to be interest next year because this was such a success this year.”

Sophomore Robert Hawkins was a CAB organizer.

“The turnout wasn’t as big this year as it has been in years past, but that’s purely because we did it in conjunction with Saderpuff instead of at the football game. We’re really satisfied with the way things turned out, and the student turn-out has been great,” he said.

Hawkins and his team of judges chose the best chili from among four different entrants based on presentation, taste and table décor. The Nursing Student Association’s team, the Bone-Chillers, took home first place, winning a $1,000 prize for their organization.

“Some of the entrant’s chili was not as thick as we thought chili should be; it was more like a stew, and the bone-chillers really had a great flavor, presentation and consistency,” Hawkins said.

“We feel so great,” Associate Professor of Nursing and primary faculty for N.S.A. Donna Hubbard said. “We got together and we put all of our ingredients together, like nurses do, and we worked as a team and won.”

The prize money will go toward paying for the state convention for the N.S.A.

“It’s a leadership conference that helps nurses to learn about their profession, be a part of their profession and be good nurses,” Hubbard said.

Chili was not the only thing taking the breathe away from students during the events. Although the first game between the freshmen and the senior class ended in a landslide victory for the seniors, the game between the juniors and sophomores was a nail-biter to the finish with the juniors sneaking past the sophomores by only one point.

Both the championship game and the consolation game were decided by a single touchdown. The juniors rallied for a come-from-behind victory over the senior class, 12-8. The sophomores showed they had something to prove by beating the freshmen in a hard fought battle, 19-13.

“I love this class, it’s the same class that came out here and won last year,” junior business management major and coach Juan Thomas said. “I told them when they came out here to stay focused, and if we were down, not to act like it. They gave me that. They gave me their all.”

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