Vote ‘Obama’ for change, reform

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Ashli Lawson

Voting gives hope to ideas becoming reality and is a great privilege we have in the United States.

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On November 4, I will be casting my ballot for Barack Obama for president of the United States. With Barack Obama as president, much-needed reform will be possible. Health care can become more available and affordable for families and businesses, alternative energy research will be encouraged and a war that never should have been started will be ceased. With an Obama-Biden ticket, change is possible.

Health care has been the main concern for millions of U.S. families as premiums and co-pays have risen, choice of doctors has narrowed and people are turned away for pre-existing conditions.

Under the Obama-Biden plan, heath care will be more affordable and more accessible.

For children, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) will ensure every child has coverage from the time of birth. After age 21, a more effectively regulated health care system will instill competition between providers and mandatory access to service to allow families and employers to afford and receive coverage. Funding from this program will come when the Bush tax cuts on households making over $250,000 per year expire and a more progressive tax rate takes effect.

A decrease in foreign oil dependence will not reverse the effects of current greenhouse gases. However, it will reduce the economic strain and push towards alternative energy. The Obama-Biden ticket supports government incentives for advanced car purchases and provides short-term relief for Americans at the pump.

Obama will urge Congress to implement a profits tax on excessive oil companies and plug loopholes in the energy industry to prevent over-speculation in the field at the consumer’s expense.

The war in Iraq began as the result of an attack on American soil. The Bush administration rushed into this war over intelligence reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and assertions that Saddam Hussein collaborated with al-Qaida terrorists. The 9/11 Commission report proved both false, but the war continued. The Bush administration then made it their mission to capture Suddam Hussein and make a defensive war into an offensive operation to bring democracy to Iraq.

A war that was prematurely entered to protect Americans from terrorists soon became an imperialist mission to alter a political system.

As North Korea’s Kim Jong Il was, and still is, testing missiles that could potentially reach the U.S., terrorism is not declining, and America’s economy is unstable, the current administration continues to supply more troops to the Middle East and exponentially allocate tax payer’s dollars to this mission.

The United Nations does not back this mission, and America is the country greatest in debt.
Under the Obama-Biden administration, Obama plans to remove troops in phases so that by the summer of 2010, U.S. forces will not be occupying the country of Iraq.

In order to prevent a power vacuum, a residual force will remain in Iraq to conduct counter-terrorism missions against al-Qaida. Permanent bases will not be established, but as long as the Iraq government continues to move toward reconciliation, aid and training will remain for the new Iraqi security forces.

When voting, do not vote based on a single issue, such as abortion or homosexual rights. Instead, look at the broad spectrum of policy reform that is possible with a candidate such as Obama. With an Obama-Biden ticket much needed health care, energy source, budget, defense, civil rights, and economics reform is imminent.

Author: The Bells Staff

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