Couple tag-teams in Chapel

By Joshua Thiering

Students’ attentions were wrangled and corralled when Candice Meyers, a Christian country singer and former Miss Kansas, and her husband, Rope, a world champion steer wrestler, spoke to students recently during chapel services.

Candice Meyers sang and interjected personal words of wisdom to the students. Her first song was dedicated to the “World Changers.”

“Have a little faith. You can move a mountain,” she sang.

Rope Meyers, whose father was also a world champion steer wrestler, spoke about his history of roping when he was a young adult.

Photo by Josh Theiring, The Bells

He also jokingly dispensed a little marriage advice saying, “When you get married, you find that you lose half of your vocabulary, because your wife has the other half.”

Using the illustration of Jesus as a river flowing forth, he emphasized that Christians should have a bottomless faith.

“God needs you at a place where you are not ankle deep … you need to move to that place where there is no bottom, where you cannot stand.”

With a name like Rope, one could say Meyers was destined to become a cowboy.

He said, “It is on my birth certificate: Rope Meyers. My sister’s name is Tie and brother’s name is Cash. They named us that way because you rope the calf, you tie the calf, and you win the cash.”

He added, “My dad was a world champion steer wrestler when I grew up. So I wanted to do the same thing. Every little kid wants to play cowboys and Indians. I just got to do it with a real horse.”

Where Meyers draws inspiration from his father, Candice Meyers finds inspiration from her favorite country music artist, Martina McBride, and her heroes from her hometown who have walked with God successfully for a long time.

“I look at them, and they are 40 years married, their children are raised and grown and they are just as passionate about God as they ever were,” Candice said.

Senior history education major Amanda Jane Foss said of the hour—long performance, “I liked that she explained the meaning of her songs, and the significance that they had in her own life.”

She also enjoyed listening to Rope’s talk.

Foss said, “I really liked that Rope talked about it being a long journey, of just walking day by day, moment by moment with Jesus—that you might walk a thousand steps and only be ankle deep, and keep going and walk another thousand steps until you get to that place where Christ is in control of every aspect of your life.”

Other students were a bit more critical.

“I thought she wasn’t that terrible, and he fumbled around a bit,” said senior biblical studies major Scott Williams.

Rope and Candice both spoke highly of their work at Skyranch. They would like those who are interested in camp counseling to apply at

Author: The Bells Staff

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