Check out creative Cru Cribs

Stocking an apartment can be a task. Take a look at how fellow Crusaders mix and match unique pieces into their design schemes.

Twin Chairs

“These are our flowery arm chairs. This setup is perfect for reading and drinking coffee.  It helps establish a cozy atmosphere at home, which is something that was very important to me and my roommates,” junior Noelle Renfro said.

Kitty call

“I got the rug from a guy who lived behind Subway, who had listed it on craigslist. I really wanted something with a graphic on it, preferably a dragon or mythical creature, but the lion was the next best thing,” senior Josh Hobratsch said.

Fold up or flip out

“It was my grandmother’s table. I thought it’d be nice to have since it’s a coffee table and an actual dining table all in one,” senior computer science major Michael Gohlke said.

Turtle races

“They get away from us sometimes, but they never end up anywhere too weird,” Maghan Leonard said.
“We race them and have turtle nights, where we lay on the floor and try to make them do things and go places,” nursing major Sarah Saucedo said.

Shock and awe

“My room is eclectic,” Jordan Hall said. “I got my ideas from the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. My favorite things in my room are my colorful paper lantern and my ‘Find your stage door and open it’ sign. I wanted my room to be very chic.”

Art in passing

“This painting used to be in Rachel Stevens and Taylor Harrison’s apartment, and I inherited it from them. It is kind of like an upperclassmen heirloom. Some lucky underclassmen may just inherit it,” DaniBeth Crosby said.

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