True fans ‘stand ever proud and strong,’ the lazy sit

Gossip, incessant chatter and catching up with friends are supposed to happen at parties and gatherings, not football games.

Too many people go to football games and don’t even know the score of the match when it is finished.
If everyone sitting in the “student section” were as motivated as our Couch Cru captains, the team could gain an even greater home field advantage.

Sports are exciting for both the players and fans; each feeds off of the other’s energy. The more excited that the student body is, the more pumped the players on the field get.

Players put their bodies on the line each time they take the field, but some attendees reward this with a lack of encouragement and interest while their backsides are glued to the bleachers.

They complain about not being able to see over the mammoth bodies in front of them, but refuse to stand up and grant the team the school spirit and encouragement they deserve.

These “fans” are a virus that starts off affecting only a small group of people that spreads throughout the game into a bigger problem.

Two sit to chat, then another joins, and another small group sits down to chat, and eventually a small army is sitting, complaining and gossiping.

The situation is different in extended pauses in the game such as timeouts, halftime, quarter changes, injuries and blowouts, but for the most part students who are not hurt and don’t have physical disabilities need to stand with pride for the team representing the school as a whole.

The school song even states “Dear Mary Hardin-Baylor, who stands ever proud and strong.”
The almamater clearly says that UMHB stands. It does not “sit ever proud and strong.”

Some “park it” out of laziness and a lack of enthusiasm.

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing people who feel they can’t stand for the length of a football game is the movie Wall•E.

The summer hit shows the future of the human race, stuck in space (no rhyme intended) and hefty as ever. Human laziness caused the body structure to change and led to a generation of obese, lazy and flat-out boring people.

Why take a seat when everything around you is teeming with liveliness, when you can join the cheering, jumping and chanting student body?

There are other places to sit.

Those not wanting to be a part of the rowdy and supportive crowd of the Couch Cru can sleep with the alumni, faculty and parents who like to sit.

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