Abortion devalues human life, throws away God’s greatest gift

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By Laura Beth Gebhardt

It’s made the headlines before. A mother is tried for murder after leaving her baby to die in a trash can outside of a hospital. Seeing something like this leaves most people shocked. They can’t understand how someone could be so heartless. Yet, the same people are accepting of abortion.
Despite what some may say, they are both murder.

The heartbeat of a baby begins between the eighteenth and twenty-fifth days, and brain waves have been recorded as early as 40 days. The baby itself is fully developed, fingernails and eye lashes included, by 11 weeks. This is around the time that the average abortion is done. The definition of murder is, “to kill with premeditated malice.” Is this not the same thing as abortion?

Recently, a new form of abortion has been introduced, known as induced labor abortion. In this procedure, labor is prematurely induced as late as six months into the pregnancy, and after the baby is born alive, it is left to die, sometimes in the soiled utility room. Sometimes it takes several hours. How can this not be considered murder?

Presidential candidate Barack Obama does not oppose this procedure. On the contrary, he defends it. How a person can not be appalled and completely against this practice is beyond understanding. Voters give the president power, not only power over themselves but over the lives of thousands of defenseless babies. Anyone aspiring to lead this country should be closely scrutinized as to how they value the lives of the unborn.

Throughout history, killing another human has never gone by without notice. It is a serious crime, and it has severe consequences.

A study done by Elliot Institute of post-abortion patients, found that 61.3% of women experience guilt, 37.9% deal with anxiety, 31.6% have suicidal feelings and 43.6% deal with self-hatred. The guilt that faces post-abortion women is overwhelming and shows that their conscience knows that what they have done is wrong. It affects their thoughts, emotions and the way they live their everyday lives.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

God knew everyone by name before they were conceived, and taking the life of someone He created is something that people shouldn’t have the choice to do. The lives of humans are in His hands, and not something people should try to control.  Every life has a purpose and is precious in the eyes of God.

Some would argue that people who are pro-life are against women having a choice. But they do have a choice. They can decide to have sex or not have sex, and if they decide to do it, then they are also accepting that they could become pregnant.

Abortion is a serious issue and should never be taken as lightly as it is in today’s society. It needs to be portrayed for what it really is, and that is murder. The life people are given is a priceless gift from God.

Author: The Bells Staff

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